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We host your wedding site and provide you with all the services and features needed, for you to be able to spend time on your wedding.

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It's as easy as selecting a name in the box on top, and see if the name is available. Your site will be posted at selected


Preview the templates you can select, or request a price for a custom made design.



Manage settings on your website.

You can set a RSVP date for your invited guests. Maybe you want to password protect your website, if you don't want anyone to look over your shoulder.

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The folks it's all about.

Introduce yourself to your visitors and tell a little something about the both of you. It can be a story about how you met.


Create content on your website.

Putting content on your website is very simple. We use a Word like editor that is as easy to use as Word is.

Guest list

Manage guest list and send invitations to your guests.

Send invitations to your guests and see how the guests response to you invitation.
You can download a QR code you can send along with your printed invitations in case you don't want to send digital invitations, or you can do both.


Manage your wish list.

Add the presents you wish for to your wishlist. Your guests can then coordinate buying the presents. Only your guests will be able to see who buys what.


Manage your locations.

Create the places you hold your events. It may be the church you have to marry in or the party after the church. On the website, your guests can click on a link and get directions from where they are right now.


View your visits and other statistics.

See statistics of you website to get an overview of visitors and the activity on your website. We provide simple statistics on our website, but you can add advanced statistics with Google Analytics.